The Highbred Pixel

 fin_clay fin_gamejolt fin_kongregatefin_chrome
Click the desired platform above to play the game. At you may recieve social features and achievements.

You control a little pixel, in a mysterious pixel breeding complex. A game made in 10 hours! The Highbred Pixel was my submission for Ludum Dare 24. The theme was evolution, and as always, you wish you had more time. It turned out quite nice, even though its short. It illustrates the theme in a more subtle, but different manner, and has recieved a lot of overwhelming positive feedback.On the rankings it ended up with a smashing 28th place in “mood”, and “graphics” at 39th. In the more general “overall” category, it was placed at 67th – among over 1400 games!

What does the public think about the game?
“Really cool game. Great art-style, atmosphere and good gameplay.” – Fadobo
“Very nice game. Visual style feels completely thought out and polished.” – Gnx

“The graphics are so good looking and moody, I love them. The water drops are musical. Some good puzzles there as well.” – Goerp


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