Lost Oxide

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Click the desired platform above to play the game. At Clay.io you may recieve social features and achievements.

In Lost Oxide you control a little guy inside a blood cell! It all started out during Ludum Dare 23, and the game was made in about 15 hours. The theme was “Tiny world”. It climbed the rankings after a public voting session, and landed top 50 in regards to best visuals, out of 1400 games.

The demo was later nominated for Game of the Year, Best Technical Achievementand Best Visual Art in the Norwegian Game Awards 2012.


What does the public think about the game?
“LOVE the art style! The whole world you managed to create, it’s truly amazing.” – Datamosh
“Amazing…I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!” – Rabbits

“What a gorgeous game. I love the lighting, the character design, and your general visual aesthetic.” – Julian Spillane


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