A Villain’s Demise


Another Ludum Dare has passed, and yet another little game has appeared! This time around the theme was “You are the Villain”. In my submission – “A Villain’s Demise”, you control the villain in chaotic circumstances. It all starts with a mysterious character, that smashes you through the floor. You then fall, and have to struggle to stay alive.

Some interesting mechanics included would be the ability to alter time, and a well balanced double-jump mechanic.

Check out the timelapse video of the development below, showing everything from the first sketch to the finished product.

Click here to play the game! Or check it out at the Ludum Dare website.

And if you like what you see, you can have a look at some of my other games here – or even follow me on twitter for some future gems!




2 thoughts on “A Villain’s Demise

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