Ludum Dare – The Highbred Pixel

So here we are, the Ludum Dare 48 hour compo is over, and the game has been submitted. It turned out to be quite a ride, and as always, you wish you had more time.

The Highbred Pixel can be considered an experiment, where i played around with a few mechanics, and attempted to add some narrative.

You control a little pixel, in some sort of pixel breeding complex. The theme evolution had a great impact on the original design, but i had to chop up the game so much due to the time constraints, which is reflected in the game – its short. The theme is however still present, but not really as originally intended.

The dialogue itself was thrown in “on the fly”, and i almost want to go back and edit it. But here it is! After ~15 hours of work clocked in, its at least playable from start to end, and you get to experience some cool mechanics!

It has been a blast, and i had a lot of fun doing it. Hope you’ll have some fun playing it! Check out the links below to give it a go.

The controls are not optimal, but move around with the arrow keys, and experiment with holding the space bar if you’re stuck!

Link to the LD48 entry page.

Link to the game (web).

Link to the game (in exe format)


5 thoughts on “Ludum Dare – The Highbred Pixel

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  2. Fantastic game! At first when I reached the end I was a bit confused, it took a bit of searching to find out that that was in fact the end. *****(For all you out there after you hit the red button and the screen goes black, that is the end, its not “broken”)***** Anyways I just loved the little bit that there was in there, there a few minor “bugs” in the game but other than that great physics and all. Please, please, continue with this game. The whole evolving thing is great. I also love the simplicity of the keys, although I really liked how after you evolved you gained the up key for jump. Maybe each new thing in the evolutions gives you a new key, for example after you evolve you can shoot with space, maybe after it evolves again z could be shoot and space becomes its new power. Just giving ideas. Anyways I loved it please continue with this. Also maybe subtle mood music might help (I loved the sounds). Again please continue with this, great work.

    • Thanks alot! The feedback so far has been overwhelming, as i really almost “gave up” halfway into the Ludum Dare weekend.Its lovely to hear that you liked it, and i might just do some further development, as it really could be so much more! And thanks for the burst of ideas, they have definitely been noted 🙂

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