Monomanio at

Just a quick heads up! Monomanio Games will publish minor/casual games over at in the future. This is a web portal for games, and supports features like leaderboards, achievements, social features and much more. The games will be available through other portals as well for maximum exposure – a complete overview of these can … Continue reading

Ludum Dare results and updates!

It’s been a little while since my last post here, so here’s a slight update! The voting for the last Ludum Dare of 2012 has passed us, and this time my submission managed to achieve great scores! Among almost 1400 games, “A Villain’s Demise” ended up at top 100 in the overall category, top 50 … Continue reading

A Villain’s Demise

Another Ludum Dare has passed, and yet another little game has appeared! This time around the theme was “You are the Villain”. In my submission – “A Villain’s Demise”, you control the villain in chaotic circumstances. It all starts with a mysterious character, that smashes you through the floor. You then fall, and have to … Continue reading

Expo wrap-up

The expo is over, and I must say it was a great success! Thousands of people came by our stand, and it was both delightful and terrible to see other people play your game without interfering. While the other studios on the stand are years into development on their projects, I just recently started – … Continue reading

Expo coming up!

In just a few days I’ll be present at Norways first big game expo, where I will showcase Deluso! There’s gonna be a short demo available, and whoever’s there will be able to bombard me with questions. There will be alot of other indie developers nearby – read more about these indie projects from here! Also looking … Continue reading

Ludum Dare results

  A little late here, but thought i’d share the latest Ludum Dare results! In total there was over 1400 entries, and “The Highbred Pixel” ended up among the top 100 entries in 4 categories. The categories with the highest score was “mood” with a smashing 28th place, and “graphics” at 39th. In the more … Continue reading

Trip to the Norwegian Game Awards

The past week has been rather eventful! Shortly after Ludum Dare, I travelled across the country to the wonderful city of Trondheim, where some of my prototypes where showcased for the public. All of the nominated games in this years NGA were present, and it was a joyful experience. There were no awards for me this … Continue reading

Ludum Dare – The Highbred Pixel

So here we are, the Ludum Dare 48 hour compo is over, and the game has been submitted. It turned out to be quite a ride, and as always, you wish you had more time. The Highbred Pixel can be considered an experiment, where i played around with a few mechanics, and attempted to add … Continue reading

Ludum Dare closing in..

We’re just a few hours away from the Ludum Dare theme announcement. The schedule has been cleared, and an outburst of creativity awaits! Ludum Dare is a global internet game jam, where thousands of people create games in less than 48 hours. Its a truly inspiring event, and a lot of awesome stuff appears. My … Continue reading

Nominations in Norwegian Game Awards 2012

A few of my entries in this years NGA has been nominated for several awards. The titles Lost Oxide and a mobile prototype, Cliffrunner was the titles the jury selected. The categories include Game of the Year, Mobile game of the Year, Best Visual art and Best technical achievement! I will be present at the GameExpo … Continue reading